It's Still Early Days For bitcoin

One way to think of bitcoin is to compare it to the early days of the internet. You could say bitcoin is to money what the internet is to information.

Capped Supply

The total number of bitcoin that will ever exist is capped to 21 million coins. The last coin is expected to come into existence in the year 2140.

Currently since 2009 18.5 million bitcoin have already been mined into existence.

Gold 2.0

Some consider bitcoin as gold 2.0. It's a digital gold that can be accessed online and transacted with via the internet while also serving as a store of value.

Satoshi Nakamoto

The bitcoin network was founded by an anonymous person or persons who go by the sudo-anonymous name of Satoshi Nakamoto. A bitcoin has 18 decimals meaning you can divide 1 bitcoin into 100 million satoshis.

Born of the 2008 financial crash

The first bitcoin block was mined on January 3rd 2009 and contained this newspaper headline written into the genesis block.

Open and Decentralised

Bitcoin is open-source meaning anyone can see the code that makes this all possible. It's also decentralised meaning it has no single point of failure. There's no company running things, you cant email bitcoin because there's no one there. Imagine trying to contact gold.